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Helping you find and keep quality labor for your farm, ranch or processing facility
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Don’t leave your harvest outcomes to chance

When you don’t hire well you risk

  • A revolving door of unqualified labor
  • Lower than expected yield per acre
  • Excess costs to account for slow labor
  • Employer liability and compliance issues due to AB 1897

We help you find the labor you need, fast.

Qualified Personnel

We have recruiters statewide who look for workers year-round. When you need help, we can deliver pre-screened labor quickly.

Risk and Safety Compliance

Cover all compliance requirements through due diligence, field management, weekly training, safety audits, and follow-up.

Open Communication

Get a field manager committed to monitoring yields, pacing and safety. We proactively address challenges to help you.

We know how challenging it can be to find qualified labor and maintain compliance

For over 33 years, we’ve worked with growers and processors to help provide quality labor for their agriculture needs. We will do the same for you.

Finding the best farm labor shouldn’t be difficult.

We make finding and hiring the best people simple and fast so you can get back to running your ag business.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Contact Us – In a short call we discuss your labor and compliance goals and how we can best partner with you.
  2. Hire Our Team – Implement a proven plan to address your labor needs, compliance standards and commodity goals.
  3. Get Quality Labor – We provide quality labor to your job site so you can meet your goals and compliance regulations.

Great growers hire quality labor. We can help!

We know you want to maximize yields and minimize risk in your business. If you’re like most of our clients, you don’t have the time or resources to screen and train every laborer. That can make you feel frustrated and uncertain of outcomes when you find a poor pruning job, damaged fruit or commodities left in the field.

Finding great labor shouldn’t be hard. We simplify the process so you can focus on running your ag business.

Here’s how it works. First, contact us and receive a no-obligation consultation. Second, we will customize a proven solution that sets you up for success. Finally, we’ll provide you with the qualified labor you need to meet your goals and maintain compliance.

Give us a call today and stop worrying about hiring the wrong labor and get back to running your farm or processing facility

Our Commitment to You

We recognize the necessity for strong grower relationships and harvest outcomes. We commit to the following Core Values in our work and project management.


LOVE – Treat others like you’d want to be treated.

SERVANT’S HEART – Lead with what people need.

EXCELLENCE – Do great things with the gifts you’ve been given.

COURAGE – Learn, improve, and boldly drive change that matters.

FUN – Work hard, laugh often!

TEAM – Together, we achieve more.

INTEGRITY – Be who you are and live up to your commitments.

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